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The test and verification cycle of radar systems is a real cumbersome. In many cases test scenarios for load and performance tests having complicated features and components is not doable. Normally, that is tackled by simulation scenarios run on the vendor-specific simulation model. In spite of the fact, vendor-specific simulation model is not truly acceptable and reliable model as its complications are not open and changeable by the customer. Radar customers want to measure the radar performance accurately for different scenarios. When performing characterization of a radar receiver design, a variety of signals are required to recreate the operational environment.

To provide a test tool which is not vendor-specific and is open to customer for many different scenario and parameter combinations, CTech developed a Radar Signal Generator Simulator system to measure and analyze the radar performance. For generation of synthetic radar data for testing purposes, generic and realistic I/Q signal injector was developed from simulated environment. RSGS is a realistic radar data generator tool capable of simulating returns from targets, and environmental effects like surface and volume clutters from synthetic scenarios. The data output is time series signal at baseband IQ level. The data generated by RSGS provides test vectors of real radar receiver data to test signal processor design and implementation easily. This real signal can then be transmitted or applied to the system hardware under test.

RSGS does not use a single Radar Cross Section (RCS) value for a target; it uses Scattering Centers of Targets to generate more precise radar echo signals. Scattering Centers extracted from the target related to its orientation towards to radar using 3D CAD models of targets. A general block schema of the radar simulator is shown in the following.