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PFA-370 is designed as portable 3.7m antenna system. It can operate on C, X, Ku, Ka bands and in different configurations. The reflector structure consists of lightweight carbon-fiber panels. Feed options can be RxO, Tx/Rx, 2-ports or multiple ports. Polarization can be circular or linear according to feed options. Customized design and different feed arm options are possible to provide interchangeable feed structure. The reflector is assembled with 19 carbon-fiber panels. It is designed to be lightweight and modular with robust components.


PFA-370’s motorized version can be used with PALS PAC550 military type antenna controller. It is provided with GPS system, position detection system, polarization adjustment system, servo drive system and high performance satellite beacon receiving system.

It supports manual, auto and one button capture satellite within 5 minutes. Its feed structure assures high gain, low side lobe and perfect RF performance.

As it is designed to operate at multiple frequencies, PFA-370 is able to do Tx/Rx operation under 60 km/h wind and it can survive up to 120 km/h wind. Optionally it meets operational 72 km/h and survival 150 km/h windload specifications with pedestal mount option. Total weight is less than 500 kg depending on mount and configuration options. It can deployed by 2 people within 30 minutes. 9 transport cases are used for package. Cases can be carried easily by 2 people.



* You can find product datasheets in the document section.