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The PDA-100-L is the latest technology, compact, vehicle mounted antenna system which is designed for professional mıssıon critical applications such as high bit rate/high power news gathering SNG, disaster relief, corporate networks, communications etc.

The well-engineered antenna mount with tri-axis positioner provides full antenna rotation and polarization with zero-backlash in elevation and azimuth. The operation is extremely easy with antenna sensor kit option is fitted with a PAC-500 indoor antenna control unit provides truly user friendly operation. üne touch Auto-stow, Auto-deploy and high precision Auto-peak features with fast-mid-slow motor speed control in all three axes makes the antenna system leader in their class. 

The PDA-100-L precision, accurate reflector surface and prime focus design provides remarkably low sidelobes excellent and cross-polar performance. High precision pointing via resolver, boosted with 16-bit chipsets. 


* You can find product datasheets in the document section.