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The PFA-150 is A very compact & lightweight, fully motorized, dual optic offset antenna system including 6 segments; a 1.5m parabolic reflector, a quick-install feed-arm, feed-horn system, and three axes pedestal system. 


The precision, accurate reflector surface provides remarkably low sidelobes and excellent cross-polar performance for the antenna. Quickly installed feedhorn system is available in C, DBS, Ka, Ku, X Bands. 


Thanks to its modular design, no tools are required for the installation of PFA-150.  It is very easy to use so no special training is needed for the operator. Only two people make it ready for transmission.


The antenna can be easily transported in two IATA weight-compliant flight cases. It can even be transported by a commercial airline to wherever you need to go! 



* You can find product datasheets in the document section.