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PDA - 150 - MIL

PDA-150MIL complies to Military Standarts of low error precise auto-pointing accuracy, X-Pol & Co-Pol performance which provides high EIRP with G/T. PDA-150MIL provides static and dynamic wind load resistance due to its highly durable zero backlash elevation over azimuth polarisation motorised chassis.
PALS provides satellite auto acquisition with Beacon tracking. Designed to operate with minimal training thanks to "One Touch" operation feature. The extreme ease and acquisition speed will guarantee that you will not miss any data, even in rugged environmental conditions.
The PDA-150 Drive-Away Antenna’s precision, accurate reflector surface and dual optic design provides remarkably low sidelobes and excellent cross-polar performance. It has a three axes positioner which provides full antenna rotation and entirely backlash-free in 3 axes. High precision pointing via resolver, boosted with 16 bit chip sets.
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