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PAC-550-MIL Antenna controller is designed to meet the demand of the military industry. PALS put hundreds of hours of research and development and mora experience to develop an Antenna Controller to meet military-grade standards. PAC-550-MIL got tested in the harshest environments.

PAC-550 MIL is easy to use for an operator who has minimal training and no knowledge about satellites. PAC-550 MIL finds defined satellites under 3 minutes. It's equipped with state-of-art algorithms to minimize operator intervention and automatically perform expected tasks. It also has features such as memory tracking, beacon receiver (optional) with adjustable features and manual control features for advanced users. It's fully graphical front panel display eliminates the need for a computer.  While it's fully responsive web interface promises the exact same experience. It features 3 levels, programmable user accounts for both security, and prevent accidental interventions. It also supports SNMP to integrate into your management systems.


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