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JAMIDS is CTech's complete simulation solution, a realistic and constructive simulation system that simulates Joint Air and Missile Defense operations with battlefield, maritime and airspace activity. JAMIDS is used to assess the effectiveness of defense systems against the air and missile threats. JAMIDS is used by operational commanders and analysts to model the performance and predict the effectiveness of TBM's, Cruise Missiles, air-to-ground and surface-to-air missiles, platforms, communication systems, and sensors in a variety of user-developed scenarios. Whether evaluating the effectiveness and performance of new or existing defense systems and subsystems, JAMIDS provides a flexible simulation environment for answering your Joint Air and Missile Defense guestions.

JAMIDS is an extensive modular simulation environment targeted towards joint air and missile defense. It has extensive analysis capabilities. Scenarios composed of highly detailed air defense systems and various threat types can be simulated. JAMIDS was developed to analyze the effectiveness of complex air defense systems under various conditions including the probability of kill and damage impacts of high fidelity missile models. JAMIDS comes with simulation model library including hundreds of battlefield units and systems. Due to its flexibility and open architecture, it is also possible to replace existing models with your own models. JAMIDS provides an advanced user interface that allows users to build scenarios by positioning forces, creating routes and waypoints and assigning tasks. JAMIDS serves asa battle lab, allowing research and experimentation for systems and doctrines.