ProMIS Proses Kontrol ve Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri Ltd. Şti.

Mahall İş Merkezi, B Blok No 1, Dumlupınar Bulvarı, Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, Çankaya, 06800 Ankara, Türkiye
+90(312) 426 54 40 /+90 (312) 440 47 50       +90 (312) 440 11 36

ProMIS Process Control was established in 1994 as one of the eighth automation company in Turkey. Since then achieved 100+ projects in Turkey and abroad, mainly Oil, Gas and Energy sectors as an EPC or an integrator.

1994 – ProMIS Proses Control was founded
1995 – Manufacturing Fixation Machines for Textile Industry
1996 – As a contractor signed first EPC contract for Ceramic Chemical Plant
1999 – Signed first HEPP EBOP contract for 5 Plants
2000 – Signed and provide finance for a Shampoo Plant. Excluding Construction
2001 – Signed first abroad Electric and Automation Project 2 x 100 MW Power Plant Basrah, Iraq
2004 – Signed first 24 Natural Gas RMS projects
2005 – Signed truck loading and tank farm project in Northern Iraq.
2007 – ProMIS Energy was founded for HEPP Projects and E&I Projects
2007 – ProMIS Software company was founded for Web Based ERP software development
2015 – Signed and managed 65MW HEPP Project in Afghanistan without supervisors of manufacturers
2016 – Completed and put into operation of its own HEPP which has annual 20GWh production. ProMIS was EPC.
2019 – 
Completed and put into operation of its own HEPP which has annual 40GWh production. ProMIS was EPC.


ProMIS has a strong team in different
disciplines for completion of the works for the satisfaction of its clients, starting
from Engineering to Turn-Key completion of the Industrial Plants, and where
required, gets the responsibility of the systems for
operation and maintenance in proper manner. Some of our engineering
programs are Aveva PDMS, Autocad, AutoPIPE, PV Elite and Solid Works.

Following services are provided by ProMIS Group:

Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Process, Electrical, Automation)
Material Supply (Tanks, Piping, Instrumentation and Control Systems,
Valves, Steel Structures etc.)
Civil Works
Commissioning and Start Up
Operation and Maintenance

In addition to these services; ProMIS Group has it’s own project management and ERP software that has been used by more than 100+ customers ( Also, has it’s own web based SCADA package (


  • Electrical and Electronic Engineers          13
  • Mechanical Engineers                                   2
  • Technicians and QA-QC                              15
  • Finance/Customer Service/Misc.              17
  • Project /Construction Teams              40-150
  • TOTAL PERSONNEL : 80-190
  • All engineers are capable of communicating in English.

Company Resources:

The main offices located in Ankara at three different locations.  Software engineers are located at government supported technological R&D zone. Most of the engineers reside there. Our 4 floor building workshop for panel manufacturing and assembling is Ostim, Ankara where all the SME are. Our own headquarter building is in the heart of office complexes where all administration, finance and senior engineers are.


ProMIS is dedicated to prevent associates, employees, equipment , engineering data, offices , human beings – animals around ProMIS facilities from any kind of hazard, accident, pollution that may result from our business conduct, resulting in to zero accident, zero environmental impact and zero health impact.

ProMIS preserves the environment and World resources by efficient use of natural resources.

Above mentioned statements are always our top priority. Consequently HSE issues will always override cost issues.

In order to achieve and sustain the above mentioned policy ProMIS is spreading this as a company culture via a well documented, continuously bettered HSE management system, making sure that the system can be implemented at the
same level even employees may change.

Utilizing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards that ProMIS obtained, we will implement management systems to control and regulate all the risks and functions that is related to our HSE policy.

All ProMIS personnel will be fully participating in this management system for achieving the targets with well defined responsibilities and scope of authority, procedures within all the laws and regulations applicable.

Each employee is requested to declare and undersign a “100 % HSE policy promise“ once every January. To that end each employee is responsible for taking care of his own health and safety while working and managing others
without causing any risk to their health and safety besides eliminating risks to the factory equipment, produced items. Each ProMIS employee will be monitoring others for compliance to the relevant policies and warn them should a non-compliance is observed. Each employee is encouraged to determine the factors that are creating risk, demand training on HSE protection and getting
involved in all HSE related systems.

ProMIS will make sure that the above mentioned HSE system is applicable to all of its business activities and that the policy is comprehensible at every level of the company organization. By using the past data and experiences of the past due to
a non compliance ProMIS will continuously improve the HSE policy.

Automation EPC Contractor:

  • Provides full Engineering, Procurement and Construction services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical,  and Industrial sectors
  • Can act as an EPC contractor in the area of E&I.
  • Can operate  as part of a multi-disciplined EPC team within a client’s organization as an integrator
  • Engineering expertise is provided through a team of experienced personnel
  • Project Engineering Team is selected to match the specific project’s requirement
  • Can manage and/or as a consult as a project management team with it’s software and man hour resources and experiences in order to make sure that project is completed on time and on budget. Reporting to client KPI’s (SPI, CPI), daily, weekly production/progress reports is part of project execution. Waterfall or agile project management methods will be used.

System Engineering Activities:

  • Control System Engineering and Implementation of Open Architecture Solutions (DCS, ESD, F&G, RTU and SCADA)
  • Specialized Control and Safety Applications Control Systems in Oil, Gas and Energy Sectors
  • Panel Manufacture Assembly and Test
  • Field Instrumentation and Design
  • Installation, Commissioning and Start-up Service
  • Training and On-going Support and Installation
  • Full project Management.

Support Capability:

ProMIS has the capability and experience to start-up, commission and maintain any type of third party control or instrumentation in any geographical location.
Our specialists are qualified to work with all major types of controls equipment including DCS (Honeywell, Foxboro, ABB, Siemens), Safety (Triconex, ICS, Hima ABB-August, Moore Quadlog, AADvance), PLC (Schnieder, ABB, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Omron, ), RTUs and all types of instrumentation.

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